Home360: Bringing the Bible to Britain’s towns and cities

Between May and September 2020, Bible Society will be working with local churches to deliver a unique Bible experience in nine cities across the UK. Home360 is an immersive film experience which tells the story of the Bible. Projected inside a nine metre Dome, the film can be seen by 30 people at a time.
Bible Society are asking local churches to support this project through the provision of small hospitality teams and by bringing their friends, family members work colleagues etc to come and see the film. In 2020, this experience will be taking place in the following nine cities: Hull, Exeter, Manchester, Liverpool, Leicester, Swansea, Brighton, Birmingham and Newcastle. .
For more information, please visit: biblesociety.org.uk/home360 or contact Campaign Project Manager Will.McGregor@biblesociety.org.uk

The experience touches on ideas of love, loss, forgiveness and belonging – themes common to every audience.

Artistic impression only. Photo by Igloovision
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