Green Investment Declaration

Making your money work for God’s creation

Money has power. And that power can either be harnessed for good or used to fuel harm. We might think carefully about how we manage our personal money – perhaps through giving to charitable causes, buying fairtrade, or using an ethical bank – but how often do we review the impact of our churches’ and faith institutions’ money? And when we do, how do we go about making this money work for the benefit of God’s creation?​

This initiative has been developed by Operation Noah and JustMoney Movement to support Churches and other faith institutions across the globe to increase their investments in climate solutions to build a greener future.  

By signing up to this Green Investment Declaration, your church or organisation is not just having a direct impact through your investments but, through speaking publicly about it, you’re also creating ripples throughout wider church and society encouraging others to do likewise. Together we can play our part in the restoration of Creation, starting with our finances.

About the Green Investment Declaration

Declaration Text

We (organisation name) believe that as a faith organisation we have the moral obligation to be advocates for climate, nature and humanity, which are all impacted by the climate crisis. We believe that our actions must help build a society that is just for all. We therefore believe that it is our responsibility to align our investments with our faith values and move beyond negative screening to consider how our investments actively fund climate solutions to create positive social and environmental impacts. 

By signing this declaration we acknowledge the importance of being on an investment journey to build a more just world for both people and the planet. 

Depending on where you are on your green investment journey, your organisation will start on one of three levels of this Declaration, outlined below. As your green investments grow, so too will your Green Declaration, moving from an acorn, to a thriving sapling, to a mighty oak tree. 
At each level, signatories will a) ensure their investment policy reflects the values of their organisation and its intention to invest in climate solutions; and b) commit to promoting investments in climate solutions to their networks.

01 Acorn

Signatories at this level make a commitment to invest in climate solutions within 2-3 years, which includes ensuring their investment policy reflects the values of the organisation and its intention to invest in climate solutions. 

02 Sapling

Signatories have already made, and communicated, their first investment in climate solutions, and have plans for further investments.

03 Oak Tree

Signatories at this level will have already invested at least 5% of assets in climate solutions, and commit to increase in climate solutions within 5 years demonstrating this by creating an organisational plan for investing for impact.

All levels (Acorn to Oak Tree)

At all levels signatories will promote investments in climate solutions among other faith organisations.

‘We live the Incarnation in the ordinariness of our everyday life, including the economic aspects of our lives. It is important to us that our investments, like all or our resources, are aligned with the guiding principles of the enhancement of human dignity and care of our common home and the values that flow from this: justice, peace and compassion.’

– Society of the Holy Child Jesus, signatories to the Green Investment Declaration

Join the movement for green investment

Fill in your details here to express your interest in signing up to this Green Investment Declaration, and we will be in touch with further information and to ascertain the appropriate level for your organisation.

You will receive a suite of assets to announce your part in this initiative, for use on your website and in communications. 

Supporting documents


Find out more about the initiative by reading these frequently asked questions.


Church Investors’ Guide

Read the six steps to approach this with your Investment Committee or Fund Managers


Case studies

Get inspired! Hear from three faith institutions that are on a journey of investing in climate solutions.


Note: The definition of Climate Solutions used here is taken from the EU Taxonomy tool to help investors transition to a low-carbon, resilient and resource-efficient economy. These solutions are defined to be economic activities that make a substantive contribution to one of six environmental objectives: climate change mitigation, climate change adaptation, protection of water and marine resources, transition to a circular economy, pollution prevention and control, and the protection and restoration of biodiversity and ecosystems. These activities must also do no harm to the other five, and meet minimum safeguards.

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