Webinar: Joined Up Church : 22 Jun, ONLINE

June 22, 2023 | 10:00 am 11:45 am

Evangelism, prayer and social action. How do you connect the three?

Social action, evangelism and prayer are often seen as three spokes of a wheel. However, those of us who work in community development know that there are sensitivities that need to be considered.

Join us on Thursday 22 June at 10 am, when Sammy Jordan from Hope Together and Cinnamon’s own Diane McWilliam will be discussing what churches need to consider.

Sammy and Diane have been involved in church-led social action for longer than they care to remember. Together they have an abundance of experience, practical resources and tools to help your church support your community practically and spiritually.

They’ll be touching on our Biblical responsibility, our social responsibility and the messiness that comes with community work.

Come and be part of the discussions as we explore:

  • Maintaining a Christian identity, even when you can’t speak explicitly about your faith
  • How you can pray intentionally for your community 
  • Tools to help you focus your action and prayer
  • When and how to share the Gospel through your community work
  • Being faithful, even when it seems fruitless
  • Working in partnership with your community 

What to Expect

Our webinars are split into three sections so you can hear from our experts, quiz them and then discuss how you can take what you’ve learned to impact your community

– Our panelists will discuss how evangelism, prayer and social action work togther. 
10:45am-11:00am – Put your questions to our panel of experts.
11:00am-11:45am – Join our breakout groups to discuss challenges and ideas with your peers.

Meet our Panellists

Sammy Jordan – Director of Hope for Every Home at Hope Together

Sammy has the bonkers remit of praying for every street/road/lane in the UK and reaching every home by the end of 2038, which keeps her busy! Thankfully, her call is to ‘join dots’, connecting people, places and ideas with what God is doing. Sammy’s own home is a new housing estate on the south coast where she’s part of a church plant. In shorthand, she’s a community evangelist, but where sharing the good news is about being with people rather than doing things to or for them!

Diane McWilliam – Head of Church Engagement at Cinnamon Network

Diane McWilliam is a community development practitioner with experience as volunteer, worker, manager, board member and consultant in a variety of voluntary sector and faith-based organisations. Currently, Diane is head of Church Engagement for Cinnamon Network, helping churches engage well with their communities; and is a Practice Tutor for the community development post grad courses at the University of Glasgow.

Nick Amis – Digital Advisor at Cinnamon Network

Nick is Cinnamon’s Online Advisor and host of Cinnamon Connect Webinars. He has extensive experience in supporting churches of all denominations and sizes to set up effective social action projects in response to the needs of their community. Nick is also the founder of a men’s ministry Refuelled, which helps men build courage and determination and overcome.

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