The Pursue Gathering : 17 Feb 24, Launceston

February 17, 2024
Bridge Church, Southgate Technology Park, Launceston PL157ED

For some time, our dream has been to gather together and connect with people face to face, worshipping God as a united church. The Pursue Gathering is our opportunity to do just that!  
We are hosting our annual Pursue Gathering on Saturday February 17th 2024 at Bridge Church, Launceston. Join worship leaders and musicians from across the region as we spend the day together, worshipping, hearing from incredible speakers and getting a chance to be resourced and equipped to serve Cornwall and Devon.  

We have planned a day filled with opportunities for our worship teams to grow in their skillsets, meet people from other local churches and worship together with renewed confidence and energy. Obviously, there’s no point meeting if we can’t also feast together, so every ticket includes a free pasty lunch!    

Ticketing explained…
We are offering three tiers of ticket. There are no early bird sales. Every ticket gets the same experience and the same lunch.   £10 ticket – this is the actual cost of running the event. We’re inviting speakers, musicians and more to help resource you and we’ve budgeted down to the penny.   £15 ticket – if you buy this ticket, you are helping pay for somebody else to attend. Every time somebody buys a £15 ticket, we will make a £5 ticket available.   £5 ticket – this is a subsidised ticket and means that somebody has donated money to help those on a tighter budget attend.

Post expires on February 17th, 2024

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