The Big One: Climate Change Protest : 21-24 Apr, London / national

April 21, 2023 April 24, 2023
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Will you be one of 100,000 people surrounding the Houses of Parliament to demand action on the climate emergency?

The biggest climate protest yet is taking place from 21st April – 24th April.

Join Christian Climate Action as we take a stand against fossil fuel company greed and government inaction – which is fuelling both the cost of living crisis and the climate crisis.

We’re working to bring 100,000 people to protest outside the Houses of Parliament in London, directly taking our call for change to those in power.

Back in 2019, 10,000 people came out on the streets of London. Shortly after, Parliament declared an environment and climate emergency. But not enough has changed in the behaviour of those in power. Imagine what 100,000 people working together could do. Imagine you are one of them. Would change be unstoppable?

If you have never attended a protest before, this is the place to start. We’re working to make it as inclusive as possible. Churches, small groups, families, friendship groups, knitting circles… they will all be there! We are also joined by charities and organisations, including Green Christian, Tearfund and SCM (Student Christian Movement) – see the full list below.

Who will be there during the weekend?

CCA is taking part in the weekend alongside a number of Christian organisations, including Tearfund, Christian Aid, CAFOD, YCCN, Student Christian Movement, Operation Noah, Just LoveGreen Christian, Engage Worship, A Rocha UK, BMS World Mission and the Iona Community. Some of these organisations will be taking part in the No Faith In Fossil Fuels Service on Friday the 21st April and others will be present across the whole weekend.

There will also be secular groups such as Extinction Rebellion. The ethos of the action is in line with a promise by Extinction Rebellion to move away from tactics which primarily disrupt the public and instead focus on tactics which disrupt those in power and allow for mass participation.

What will happen at The Big One?

Here’s a taster of some of the things that CCA and others are planning:

  • Friday 21st April is the Day of the No Faith In Fossil Fuels Service and Pilgrimage. We are gathering at St John’s Church, Waterloo at 11am, for worship at noon led together with some of the Christian NGO’s mentioned above. This will be followed by a pilgrimage together to the The Big One protest outside Parliament.
  • On Saturday 22nd April, we are gathering at the protest at Parliament at 11am, for worship at noon focused on racial and climate justice, led by our friends from Black Majority Churches. There will also be a Catholic mass at 3pm.
  • On Sunday 23rd April we are gathering at the protest at Parliament at 11am, for worship at noon led by young people whose future is in the balance. There will also be an Anglican Eucharist at 3pm.
  • On Monday 24th April we are gathering at the protest at Parliament at 11am for worship at noon led by Christian Climate Action looking to the future.
  • Each day there will be community and creativity, prayer and song and care for Creation

How can you get involved?

  • COMMUNICATE WITH US: We are using the phone app telegram for direct communication with you all. Please download the app onto your mobile phone and click HERE to join the telegram chat. This is specifically to use for getting updates regarding The Big One and asking questions when on the ground, such as if you aren’t able to locate us.
  • TRAVEL: Let us know if you need help with the cost of travel. If there are several people coming from your local area you can talk to us about the possibility of help with minibus or coach hire costs.
  • ACCOMODATION: If you are coming for more than a day, there is the option of staying with a friend in London, or booking into a local hostel or hotel. Christian Climate Action have been kindly offered a number of church hall floors that people can sleep on with others (BYO sleeping bag and roll mat). Please register your need of a space on a church floor HERE. If this is not an option for you, you can keep an eye out for announcements from Extinction Rebellion regarding people who live in London offering space in their spare bedrooms. We have also compounded a list of local camping sites which you can download here.
  • FAQ. We are starting to put together a The Big One FAQ, which you can see HERE.
  • TAKE ON A ROLE: To make The Big One happen we need lots of roles to be filled. Whether you’re new to protest, or an old hat, there’s a range of roles for you. Sign up to one HERE
  • INVITE OTHERS. It’s up to all of us to get as many people as possible along. CCA has created a talk you can use in churches and flyers below.

How can you get help out?

  • HELP US PLAN. Attend CCA’s weekly planning meetings on Zoom. These are happening every Saturday morning at 10am (not including the 25th March). Anyone can join these to help decide and plan what our contribution to the Big One should look like.
  • OFFER A SLEEPING SPACE. If you live within an hour of London city centre and can offer a space for some people to sleep – be that a floor, a sofa or a bed, do please let us know.
  • DONATE. Protests of this size take time and money to organise. Please consider making a donation to CCA. Donations can be made HERE. A big thank you in advance for your generosity.

The Big One flyer

Christian Climate Action have designed a flyer for you to promote The Big One. This can be seen below.

You can get hold of this flyer via two ways:

  1. Fill out an online form to request that some flyers are delivered to your house. Click HERE to fill out this form.
  2. You can download The Big One flyer onto your computer and print it yourself. Click HERE to download

The Big One prayer booklet

Christian Climate Action have developed a prayer booklet for use before and during The Big One. You can download the booklet onto your computer and print it yourself to either prayer privately or with others. Click HERE to download

Informational video

On the 21st March we did an informational briefing for The Big One for Churches Together South London.

Let’s get going!

We see protest as part of our worship to our Creator God. Thank you to everyone who is making this possible.

In the lead-up to the Big One please be praying for all those protesting and for our government and fossil fuel companies. If you’d like to pray with others, you can join us on Zoom for daily prayers.

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