Tastelife: Help people to break free from eating disorders: Training Course, 26-29 Sep, Coventry

September 26, 2019 September 28, 2019

tastelife is a Christian-based charity that aims to help people break free from eating disorders.

Help people to break free from eating disorders.

People with eating disorders find themselves in a very dark place. tastelife aims to help them out of that darkness, by providing compassionate knowledge, understanding, and tools for recovery.

Join our growing charity, train to run our 8-session tastelife course in your community, and offer sufferers and carers effective tools for recovery. This course is desperately needed as there are an estimated 4 million sufferers in the UK, but limited NHS resources. The training is inspiring – and always fun! It will equip you with all you need, plus accreditation from University of Brighton. Based on Christian values but suitable for all. Next training Coventry 26th – 28th September 2019. Contact debbie.niblett@tastelifeuk.org/07817 605349 or visit our website www.tastelifeuk.org.

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