[240802] Satellites Summer 2024 : 2-6 Aug, Shepton Mallet

August 2, 2024 August 6, 2024
Bath and West Showground, Shepton Mallet BA4 6QN

Join us for five amazing days at Satellites 2024. Over the next few months we’ll be telling you more about who’s joining us, our venues and, of course, the non-stop programme of creative, sports and surprises we have in store for you.

The event runs from 2 – 6th August 2024, however most groups choose to leave on the morning of 7th August because of our final night party!

You can arrive from midday on the 2nd with our first meeting at 7pm that evening. On our last day, 6th August, the event finishes and venues close at 11pm. You’ll need to be offsite by midday on 7th August.

If this is your first time at Satellites, you can get an idea of how the daily programme works by looking back at last year’s programme here.


We want to see young people living with God at the centre of their lives. Everything else is secondary.

We live in a world where faith is often seen as a lifestyle choice for young people; another social option to sit alongside sports practice and a regular squad battle in Call of Duty; another element of our compartmentalised lives. But that isn’t all that God is interested in. He doesn’t exist to revolve around us, to serve our needs when we ask him. It’s designed to be the other way around. We were always meant to be in His orbit. Like satellites.

We have seven key values which underpin our planning. These values help young people to see what it looks like to follow Jesus all year round, and all seven are rooted in the model of Christian discipleship that we find in the Bible.

Three of the values are focussed on us (how we meet with God alone and together and become changed as a result), three are outward-facing (helping us to see the role that God calls us to in building and extending his Kingdom on earth). The final one is kind of a big deal – as we prioritise the presence and power of God himself.

These seven values run through everything we do – they constitute a holistic, practical approach to following Jesus. You can read a bit more about each one in this blog post. Plus they’re also discussed in much more detail in Martin Saunders’ book We Are Satellites which you can get a copy of here.

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