Protecting Rural Communities Through Covid-19: Webinar : 25 Jun, ONLINE

June 25, 2020 | 11:00 am

What impact is COVID-19 really having on rural communities? 
While urban areas have borne the brunt of COVID-19, researchers from St Andrew’s University warn that if the pandemic continues, rural communities could have 50 to 80% higher death rates. 

Many of these communities are already experiencing the economic impact of the pandemic as tourism remains on hold and micro-businesses struggle to stay afloat. 

In our next Cinnamon Connect Webinar, we’ll be exploring how churches can most effectively protect and support our rural communities. 
  On Thursday 25 June at 11 am Nick Amis from Cinnamon Network will be talking with Jonny Gios, Cinnamon Advisor for the North East of England; and Martin Erwin, CEO of Counties, a UK-wide network of evangelists and church planters. 
Nick, Martin and Jonny will be discussing rural communities and specifically: How COVID-19 is impacting them What the immediate future looks   What support is currently available  How churches can effectively respond You can register to join the webinar HERE

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