Practical Theology as Ecotheology : 12-16 Jul, ONLINE

July 12, 2021 July 16, 2021

In an era when scientists warn there is limited time left in which to reverse the most catastrophic effects of climate change, BIAPT 2021 will turn its attention to this most urgent of issues and to wide-ranging engagement with ecological thinking. How do we interpret and respond to our contemporary ecological crisis in the light of our diverse faith traditions?  What theological resources, practices and convictions will enable us to respond most creatively and prophetically to planetary changes?  What kinds of conversations between science and theology do we need to encourage and enable?

If anything, the subject of climate change and religious responses to climate crisis, has become even more urgent and topical since last year, when we were hoping to have had our face-to-face conference. The crisis of COVID-19 has highlighted for the world the risks of human hubris which does not respect the boundaries between different orders of creation, different habitats and species. Lockdowns around the world have offered a kind of breathing space to humans and the planet, and we have seen the positive benefits of this in a variety of ways. As we emerge out of the pandemic (God willing), it is vital that we do not revert to ‘business as usual’ if that means continuing to act with disregard towards the consequences of our actions on the planet. We expect our conference to help us all engage in this vital topic in a range of ways and with the help of an excellent line-up of speakers and conversation partners.

Conference fee: £50

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