Onevoice Prophetic Hubs : 17 Mar, ONLINE

March 17, 2021 | 7:00 pm 9:30 pm

A project to help facilitate and organise local prophetic gifts across our nation under an initiative called OneVoice.

I have been in initial talks with The Evangelical Alliance, Gather, National Prayer movements, Charismatic Catholics and other denominations who are all supportive of the idea.

So on the 17th March, we are initiating a national conversation and will be gathering together the first cohort of those with prophetic gifting from around the country to join us for an initial discussion about the creation of regional prophetic hubs.

The goal is to help such giftings learn how best to work with local church leadership, unity movements, and their denomination. Many such giftings tend to be isolated and bringing some support and help in understanding how to integrate with and serve the local church is essential.

So if you know individuals with a prophetic gift that are desperate to find meaningful expression to their gift, then please send them this link.

Yours in Christ

Yinka Oyekan

President of The Baptist Union of Great Britain

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