Love means Love – the bible and same-sex relationships : 14 Jun, ONLINE

June 14, 2020 | 7:00 pm

Love means Love – the bible and same-sex relationships
with Revd David Runcorn
on Zoom

Sunday 14th June 2020 at 19:00 – click ‘Read More’ below for joining details

Love means love is the title of David’s latest book and Holy Ground this evening launches its publication.

The case for accepting and blessing same-sex relationships from the bible is a cumulative one. It is not based on any one text or verse. But nor does it involve ignoring the ‘awkward’ or apparently condemnatory texts either as some assume. Love means love is more like a map, tracing the paths through scripture that lead, David believes, to a welcoming and including understanding of homosexuality and same-sex relationships. David’s book is written out of a concern that this possibility is still not yet widely understood and many people are struggling with their bibles for lack of it. The evening, like the book, is an invitation to see the bible afresh and to read it faithfully in the light of our experience of the fruits of the Spirit we find in LGBT+ friends we know, or know in our own LGBT+ lives.

David has worked at different times as a vicar, Lee Abbey chaplain, Theological College teacher, Diocesan Director of Ministry and Director of Ordinands. He calls himself a ‘free-range priest’ and is a well-known speaker, trainer and retreat leader and writer. His other books include The Spirituality Workbook – a guide for explorers, pilgrims and seekers and The Language of tears – their gift, mystery and meaning.

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