InHabit Course : Jan-Dec 2021, ONLINE

January 21, 2021 December 9, 2020

Introduction and Course Structure

This new course will be offered online from January to December 2021.

The course seeks to enable participants to create a pattern for faithful living and a shape for deepening their life in God. It does so by encouraging the development of practices in prayer and reflection that foster a balanced life lived from and in reference to Christ as the Centre. Practical Christian living is explored through eight directions or ‘stances’ for growth: UP, DOWN, IN, WITH, FOR, OUT, UNDER AND THROUGH …. and the relationship and tensions between them. The course makes use of the physical structure and spiritual rhythm of the monastery as an image and symbol of whole life discipleship and practical prayerfulness.

Over the duration of the course a community of ordinary, down to earth ‘monastics’ is built! We will be reflecting (personally and together) on the whole of our lives in ways that will encourage a deeper experience  of prayer and response to God’s purpose and calling. The material and means of delivery of each session aims to set up an action-reflection cycle of learning through building simple habits of contemplative practice and active outworking in everyday life.

Who is the course for?

Our hope is that the course will be of interest for clergy and lay people alike.  We also hope that some clergy will benefit from the monthly space for reflection and prayer and ongoing discernment of their own life in God as well as in their role as church leaders. Clergy and Home Group leaders may choose to participate in the course themselves and then facilitate the course for other groups.


The cost of the InHabit course is £150. This will include attendance by Zoom at each of the 13 live streamed course days. It will also include the downloadable files for each session’s content, reflection resources and prayer materials used during each day’s sessions.

The Vessel Trust is a charity based in West Cornwall that supports churches and individuals as they seek to explore the meaning of the Christian faith in the everyday world and as they journey through the life stages.

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