Housing the Homeless post-covid19: Webinar : 18 Jun, ONLINE

June 18, 2020 | 11:00 am

The homeless may be out of sight, but they haven’t gone away.
Since March, 5,400 homeless and rough sleepers have been given temporary accommodation in hotels across the UK as part of the government’s ‘Everyone In’ scheme. 

As the country emerges from lockdown and the scheme comes to an end, what’s next?

If ending homelessness was just about providing four walls and a roof, it would be a relatively easy problem to solve. However, there are many factors that need to be addressed such as addiction and mental health. 

In our next Cinnamon Connect Webinar, we’ll be exploring how churches can work with others to ensure rough sleepers are well supported when the crisis is over.

On Thursday 18 June at 11 am Nick Amis, from Cinnamon Network will be talking to Mark Brennen from Housing Justice; Pete Cunningham from Green Pastures; and Ed Walker from Hope into Action.

Nick, Mark, Pete and Ed will be discussing: What provision the government is currently making Why homelessness is about more than just housing How churches can best support those in their communities What other housing issues our nation may be facing  You can register to join the webinar HERE
We look forward to seeing you there!

The Cinnamon Team

Cinnamon Connect Webinar
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Speakers & Presenters
Mark Brennen, Housing Justice
Mark leads a team of four Catalyst Workers supporting and resourcing the Church & Community Night Shelters in Greater London. His background is in the marketing and sales and he made his segue into the homelessness sector in the UK after spending a year at The Big Issue in 2005/6.
Pete Cunningham, Green Pastures
Pete has pastored many churches and has always had a heart for the homeless. When a desperate family came along in 1999, Pete cashed in his £6,000 pension and, along with Vicki Woodley and his son Andrew, purchased two flats. That was the inception of Green Pastures and Pete has been part of its journey ever since.
Ed Walker, Hope into Action 
Ed spent nine years working in disaster response in Africa with Tearfund. He was Director of Client Services at the YMCA before setting up Hope into Action. In 2010, they opened their first home to support tenants others had given up on. Hope into Action now has 67 church partners running 75 homes across the country.
Nick Amis, Cinnamon Advisor
Nick is a Cinnamon Advisor for the East Midlands and host of Cinnamon Connect Webinars. He has extensive experience of supporting churches of all denominations and sizes to set up effective social action projects in response to the needs of their community.
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