Growing Good webinar series for churches : 20 Sep-22 Nov, ONLINE


October 11, 2023 November 22, 2023

Five free online webinars, designed to help you grow a faithful and fruitful church

Joined by experts, practitioners and church members, together we’ll be exploring a diverse range of topics that we hope will equip and inspire you. Sign up to just one, two, or all five.

Starting and running a Place of Welcome

Mon 17 July, 11am, Zoom

Places of Welcome is a growing network of local community groups, providing their neighbourhoods with places where all people feel safe to connect, belong and contribute. Many churches chose to set up Places of Welcome as places for people to connect with one another, find belonging and offer gifts and skills that interest them.

Come along to this free online session for churches to find out about how Places of Welcome work, how to set one up and how to run one successfully.

Getting your church online & improving your church’s online presence

Mon 24 July, 10am, Zoom

Is your church looking to get started online, or start to build your online presence? Join us and Digital Missioner Hannah Fleming-Hill in this free session for churches, to begin to explore this often-overwhelming world.

We’ll take a look at:

– Why should you be online anyway?

– Your options for social media

– How to make use of volunteers

– Simple website options

– Newsletters

– And a host of other tools

They’ll be plenty of time for questions as well.

Resilience for leaders & volunteers of church based social action projects

Wednesday 20 Sep, 10:30am, Zoom

There is a tendency for us give so much to ourselves to the hugely important projects, missions, ministries that we run, that we can so easily overburdun ouselves and risk burnout. We are working with highly complex situations, perservering with hope over many months, years and even decades. How can we find balance in the hard enduring work of being Christ’s hands and feet in our communities, and ensuring we are spiritually and mentally thriving?

We’ll be joined by Corin Pilling, National Director of Sanctuary Mental Health Ministires, who will explore with us the psycology behind burnout and explain tried and tested strategies for managing stress and coping with pressures. We’ll also hear from church ministry and project leaders and volunteers about their own experiences, and listen to their advice.

Adapting to our communities: church beyond walls

Wednesday 11 Oct, 11am, Zoom

Church Beyond Walls tells inspiring, informative and occasionally funny stories of how a group of people took Christian spirituality outside of church buildings to engage a world increasingly uninterested in religion, God and faith.

Join us and the book’s author, Martin Poole, to explore principles that will inspire you as a church to express your faith in your communities, and create opportunities for epiphanies: moments when the divine can break into human experience.

Recruiting, managing and retaining good volunteers

Wednesday 22 Nov, 10am, Zoom

Volunteers can be an absolutely invaluable resource to your church’s mission, ministries and social action work, if they are equipped, nurtured and supported in the right ways.

Whether you’re looking to mobilise volunteers for the first time, or you’ve had volunteers working in your church for many years, this free online session will resource you with all you need to ensure you get the volunteers you need, they are well-supported to do an amazing job in their roles, and that they want to carry on volunteering!

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