Dealing with Conflict in Ministry : 21 Mar, ONLINE

March 21, 2024 | 9:20 am 1:00 pm


Completely rethink the way you manage disagreements

Our friends at Place for Hope deliver this training to help you understand what conflict is and how to identify problems before they grow. You’ll gain a greater understanding of your own approach to conflict and how you can use this to manage disagreements with calmness, courage and confidence.

Course overview

In just three hours, you’ll completely rethink the way you approach and manage difficult conversations.

During this course you’ll learn how to:

  • Identify and resolve problems before they escalate
  • Understand how differences in opinion can impact your church and community
  • Identify your own approach to conflict and how this influences your personal response
  • Approach disagreements with calmness, courage and confidence.

What You’ll Learn

Understand and identify conflict
We’ll explore situations where conflict occurs and how you can spot those tell-tale signs and pre-empt them. You’ll also learn some useful techniques to help you address issues early on with the right level of sensitivity.

Assess your own approach to conflict
You’ll take a look at your own approach to disagreement and what you need to consider when trying to resolve difficult situations. Here’s a spoiler – even those who are most conflict adverse or headstrong can learn to tackle disagreements well.

See things from a different perspective
We’ll use some role play scenarios to help you assess how a range of = approaches and styles can lead to different outcomes. We’ll also help you understand the different ways that disagreements can escalate, if they’re not addressed.

Using conflict to improve and grow
We generally think disagreement is negative, but differences of opinion can be really helpful in shaping change. You’ll explore how you can embrace differences of opinion to build a stronger organisation.

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