Cinnamon Connect Webinar: Prioritising Children’s Wellbeing : 10 Sep, ONLINE

September 10, 2020 | 11:00 am

Children in the UK are some of the unhappiest in Europe

While children are returning to school, it’s certainly not a return to normal. Many haven’t stepped foot in a classroom for six months. They’ve missed out on education, school meals, friendship and the wider social support and reassurance provided by schools.

On top of that, they’ve had to deal with the stress of cancelled exams and, of course, a global pandemic. We know that life has got harder for many young people, particularly those who were already vulnerable. A study by The Children’s Society found that one in five children now report that they are deeply unhappy, in comparison to one in eight before the pandemic.

Our next Cinnamon Connect Webinar is focused on helping us as churches to understand the challenges our children are facing right now and how we can effectively support them.

On Thursday 10 September at 11 am, Nick Amis will be speaking with Rae Morfin from TLG; and Revd Mike Todd from The Children’s Society. They will explore:

– What affects children’s wellbeing and happiness
– How COVID-19 has impacted children’s mental health
– What returning to school means for children in 2020
– How churches can best support young people

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