Church Action on Poverty Sunday: Sharing Sories from Cornwall : 19 Feb, national

February 19, 2023

Give, Act and Pray as part of the movement to unlock UK poverty

When people come together to reclaim their dignity, agency and power, we can make huge changes. In ourselves. In our communities. In the world.

Building a powerful movement to unlock poverty has never been more important. The cost of living crisis threatens to sweep millions into poverty, threatening their dignity and agency. No one should have to face the choice between heating and eating.

To prevent more people being swept deeper into poverty, it’s vital that those of us affected have a say. Now more than ever, churches and communities need to stand together and uphold each other’s dignity, agency and power.

On Church Action on Poverty Sunday, join with other churches across the UK in giving, action and prayer. Celebrate the transformational possibilities of people coming together to reclaim their dignity, agency and power.

Use our free worship resources to reflect and pray for change, and raise funds to enable more people to speak truth to power. 

On Church Action on Poverty Sunday in 2023, we’re sharing stories from one of Church Action on Poverty’s longstanding partners in that movement: Cornwall Independent Poverty Forum (CIPF).

You can use videos and reports to help people reflect on the reality of poverty today, and inspire them to take action for change. Remind your congregation that when they give to Church Action on Poverty, they’re helping to grow a movement of partners like CIPF all over the country.

We’ve also provided a PowerPoint presentation containing all the prayers, poems and hymns from our worship resource. Use it in church or for online worship and discussion sessions.

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