Celebrate Disability Awareness Sunday : 18 Sep, national

September 18, 2022

 Disability Awareness Sunday is 18th September 2022 – Let’s celebrate it in every church!

“I feel alive! Valued for the disabled person I am.  
At last, I feel that I am in a space where I can grow as the person God made.”

This is what Sarah said about her sense of belonging at her church. She continued:

They have accepted me for me (without the ‘what’s wrong with you’ conversation!).
They have encouraged me to use my gifts, attend training, develop prayer resources;
to dare to look at possibilities.”

Could your church do more to include disabled people and raise awareness?

Through the Roof invites you to mark Disability Awareness Sunday
on 18 September 2022, or on another day of your choice.

Through the Roof can send you a service pack with:

  • Disability Awareness Sunday service ideas
  • suggested bible reading
  • sermon ideas
  • prayers
  • children/youth activities
  • supporting videos.

Follow this link to request the service pack and receive an outline.

This information is online at https://throughtheroof.org/disability-sunday/ 

This is a gospel issue:

  • The last recorded survey suggests 90–95% of disabled people have never heard the gospel (Lausanne Committee for World Evangelisation, 2004).
  • In the UK there are 14.6 million disabled people who need to know churches are supportive places, sharing God’s love (Family Resources Survey, 2021).
  • Raise awareness and join Through the Roof to help ensure disabled people can fully belong and contribute as equal members of God’s family.

Find out about how Through the Roof can help your church include disabled people more at: https://www.throughtheroof.org/roofbreakers/       

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