Cornwall’s Climate Stories : Down the Drain

Down the Drain delves deep into issues around climate change and Cornwall’s fresh water – looking at everything from heavier rain leading to more sewage overflows, flooding and loss of topsoil, to how warmer river water is affecting fish, and the surprising carbon footprint of the water we use every day.

It also focuses on how people around Cornwall are working to tackle these problems – from farmers changing the way they manage their land to a project to ‘re-wet’ Bodmin Moor’s peat bogs, and efforts to reintroduce the beaver – which was driven to extinction in the UK about 400 years ago.

Presented by the ‘lone kayaker’ Rupert Kirkwood, this film takes us on a journey through Cornwall’s water cycle, and offers tips and solutions for how each of us can help to protect this vital resource that we all depend on.

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