Cornwall Network for Supporting Persecuted Christians

A new Churches Together in Cornwall Liaison Group, launching 5 November 2023 to mark the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church (5/12 Nov) and Red Wednesday (22 Nov).

The group will provide a network linking those across Cornwall who wish to pray, learn more about and witness to and on behalf of Christians persecuted for their faith, wherever they are in the world.

It will be supported by Churches Together in Cornwall but operate independently, working however its members find appropriate.

To join the mailing list for the group and be kept informed of its activities please click here and complete the required details – remembering to tick the box labelled ‘Supporting Persecuted Christians’ towards the bottom of the page, then press the ‘subscribe’ button. An initial meeting will be held, probably on Zoom, when sufficient people have joined.

The logo for the new group, which will be available as a pin badge, includes the letter ‘N’ in Arabic (Nun – pronounced noon) at the centre. This stands for Nazarene – as Christians are referred to in the Middle East. ISIS/Da’ish painted ‘N’ on the doors of Christians’ homes so they could be targeted. The ‘Nun’ sign has been adopted by Christians as representing their persecution – much as the yellow star, forced on the Jews by Nazis, represented theirs.

The new group will build on previous work in Cornwall, documented on this page, where futher infomation about the group will be published as it becomes available.

Look out for our launch video, containing resources for prayer, information and reflection, which will be available on the CTC YouTube and social media channels from 5 November 2023.

For any enquiries please contact

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