Breaking County Lines: Resources for Schools


The Clewer Initiative’s new County Lines Schools Resources have been designed for teachers to raise awareness of county lines with students in years 7-9 through a series of lesson plans. Over the past few months, the resources have been piloted and we are pleased that they are now available for schools and teachers to download and use. Please find attached an e-poster with further information about the resources and the link to download the lesson package. We would be grateful if you were able to share the resources through your networks with any education and teaching contacts who may be interested in using the materials.

The package contains lesson plans and accompanying PowerPoints for sessions of either 1, 2, or 3 hours, for use with students in school years 7-9. We have produced three different length sessions as we understand that teachers may have differing amounts of time to spend on the issue of county lines.

We have also produced a short survey to understand how teachers found using the materials and whether they have any feedback on how they could be improved. The survey can be found here:

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