Looe: The Haven Youth Project

The Rusty Bucket was established in 2008 to serve the fishing village of Looe, South East Cornwall. We have a special interest in supporting the vulnerable and marginalised adult population – quietly moving people from the streets into accommodation, into work and supporting those battling areas of addiction – all at a local level. The impact of Covid-19 is evident in all aspects of our community. We have been privileged to play a small part in offering crisis funding to those who have been hit hard – paying phone bills, utilities to provision of baby care items and much more.

However, there is one part of our community who do not have a loud voice – Youth. We are presently in the process of establishing a dedicated space within the town offering learning, leisure and mentoring opportunities. Its working title is The Haven.

Joint Press Release Rusty Bucket – Looe Development Trust – Looe Harbour Commissioners 26.02.2020

For some years now the Youth of Looe have been well served by Looe Development Trust’s Millpool Centre based “Looe Youth Project”. In December 2019, their youth leader stood down and urgent efforts made for a timely replacement. During this fallow period an opportunity to explore the possibility of a permanent (dedicated) youth space was undertaken by local community charity, The Rusty Bucket. After much positive dialogue with Looe Harbour Commissioners, an unused first floor unit was identified and will be made available for suitable conversion in the near future.The re-location has the support of Looe Development Trust’s Chair, Justin Spreckley “We have very much enjoyed creating and hosting the Looe Youth Project, but welcome this new future and all the advantages of a dedicated youth premises, we wish the youth and Rusty Bucket every continued success”.

Looe Harbour Commission’s Chief Executive, Tina Hicks, was also pleased to confirm their support for the project, (working title The Haven). “We were very impressed with the commitment of Barney Barron (RB Youth Leader) and Paul Penhaligan (Rusty Bucket Chair) – The Harbour Commissioners are 100% behind their vision for Looe youth and believe it could grow into a genuine town asset.”

Barney Barron, on behalf of the Rusty Bucket, advised “The work now begins. We are presently building a team of volunteers – from painters to youth night assistants – and looking also at everything from wifi to toilets and much more in between!”

If you would like to volunteer in any capacity or would appreciate personalised updates please email thehaven@therustybucket.co.uk or text/phone 07896515334. Regular updates and announcements will be made across the network of Looe Facebook pages.  

STOP PRESS 13.11.2020
Today we received confirmation of a grant from Cornwall Community Foundation equivalent to 571 hours of paid youth leadership during 2021.
We are excited to have been recognised as having a pivital role in the town’s youth work, especially in a post-covid environment.
We are also very grateful for the generosity of the CCF funders.

The Haven (our current working title) has its own Facebook page with regular updates on our progress towards an opening date (Covid-19: Planned opening date postponed till later in the year).

If you would like more information on our forthcoming youth work, feel free to email us

Chy Kemeneth, Shutta, East Looe, PL13 1LS
Opening hours
Planned opening date postponed due to Covid-19
Social media
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The Church and Social Cohesion: Connecting Communities and Serving People

The Church and Social Cohesion: Connecting Communities and Serving People is the culmination of a major research project commissioned by the Free Churches Group and prepared by Theos think tank.

The research project has consulted with over 360 people in England (including Cornwall) to assess the churches’ social cohesion contribution on the ground.

Report 3D mockup stack.png

In contrast to the crisis-driven approach of the major cohesion policy interventions of the last 20 years, this report concentrates on the range of church-based assets that are fostering positive cohesion outcomes away from the headlines: buildings, social networks, convening power, leadership, volunteer capacity, and (perhaps most importantly) vision for the transformation of their communities.

Moreover, it observes the Christian motivations behind this day-to-day community engagement, and unpacks the different ways these motivations can play out in the churches’ relationships with other organisations, whether public sector representatives, other faith communities, or indeed other churches.

Finally, it offers a number of practical recommendations for how both churches and policymakers can maximize the churches’ potential to foster social cohesion in the community.

Churches are an important element of the nation’s social fabric, and the cohesiveness of our societies will grow stronger if churches and policymakers alike recognise the distinctive assets that they have to offer.

Get the Report and ‘How-to’ Guides

Download Full Report (PDF) →

How-to guide for churches →

Order printed copies | £5 each →

How-to guide for policymakers→

Downloads and Printed copies provided via Theos Think Tank website.

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Online Prayer for Climate Justice

Recording of a global service on 22 Nov 2020 to mark climate advocacy leading up to COP26.

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Vacancies: Pastor & Volunteers, FCN Cornwall

The Farming Community Network (FCN) Cornwall Branch is seeking a volunteer Chaplain, succeeding the late Revd Roger Green. The role involves providing spiritual support to the farming community as needed and identified by the visiting Volunteers, particularly important at the present time, as well as offering pastoral help to the volunteers themselves.  Time commitment is not high but you will be expected to attend Branch meetings as required which currently take place on Zoom. Offers from any denomination are welcome, preferably someone with an understanding of the rural and farming community. For more details contact Sue Gillbard at suegfarmsec@gmail.com, the Cornwall Co-ordinator. 

FCN is also in need of additional Volunteers who would visit and support the ‘clients’. A volunteer needs to be Christian and there is a particular need in West Cornwall, but Volunteers from all parts of the County would be welcome. For more details contact Sue Gillbard at suegfarmsec@gmail.com, the Cornwall Co-ordinator. 

Website Facebook

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Truro Homeless Action Group (THAG)

Truro Homeless Action Group (THAG) consists of volunteers whose sole aim is to provide daily breakfast for those in need. We serve breakfasts 07.30 to 08.30, close at 09.00 and offer take away sandwiches. We provide some meals over Christmas and in winter offer flasks and thermals. We operate from the Church Hall of St John the Evangelist, Strangways Terrace, Truro  TR1 2NY, tel. 07934 950957.

Read our story on: https://trurodiocese.org.uk/faith-stories/serving-breakfast-and-hope-for-the-homeless-of-truro/

Truro Homeless Action Group (THAG) provides a warm welcome, food and shelter and a regular and safe place for the homeless and vulnerably housed to meet. Around 35 volunteers regularly give two hours a week to provide free cooked breakfasts, seven days a week, 365 days a year. On Christmas Day and Boxing Day we offer a turkey lunch with all the trimmings.

We are currently raising funds via the Cornish Christmas Giving Catalogue.This year’s donations will go towards helping us provide breakfasts (£1.50/person) and the Christmas Day and Boxing Day lunches (£6/person).As well as food, THAG also provides toiletries, flasks, razors, thermals in winter, along with socks, gloves, hats, scarves and underwear plus, of course sleeping bags and rucksacks. We have even been known to provide a complete change of clothing when needed.

THAG was first formed over 22 years ago after the night shelter in St George’s Road was closed. THAG is now based at the Church Hall of St John the Evangelist in Strangways Terrace, Truro.

Church Hall of St John the Evangelist, Strangways Terrace, Truro, TR1 2NY
Opening hours
07.30 to 08.30, close at 09.00

Archbishop of Canterbury interviewed on Newsnight 24 Nov

photo © BBC

Wide-ranging interview with the Archbishop of Canterbury, The Most Revd Justin Welby covers a number of issues including the British overseas aid budget and Covid19 measures around Christmas. Watch it on the BBC iPlayer at: https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m000pr3n/newsnight-24112020

Interview begins at 31:49


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Pause for Prayer : Oct 2020

28 Oct 20

It is with great sadness that we record that Rev Robbie  Bowen, Superintendent Minister of the Falmouth & Gwennap Methodist Circuit and Chair of Falmouth & Penryn Churches Together 2018-20, died peacefully after a long illness on Sunday 25 October, surrounded by his family. Our love and prayers go to Ruth, Hannah, Dan and Marilyn, and the rest of their family.

May he rest in peace and rise in glory.

The Methodist Ministry Team have recorded a special service  giving thanks for Robbie’s life, available on YouTube at https://youtu.be/IJrTN0YdKyY
Further details of Robbie’s funeral will follow in due course.
Rev Andrew Mumford, Falmouth & Gwennap Methodist Circuit

Good News this week:

  • A major new trial; manure to be made into fuel. Arla a large dairy products company in the UK, is changing manure from its farms into clean usable fuel. This makes Arla the first UK business to use waste from its own farms to generate power for its fleet.
  • Tanzania is voting in National elections today (28/10/20). The incumbent President has declared the pandemic over in Tanzania – with only 509 cases recorded. At the onset of Covid-19, the President called for three days of national prayer.
  • Gifts designed to share the good news of the Gospel  and support Fairtrade.

Tesco has produced ‘The Real Advent Calendar’. These can be bought at their larger stores or online at: www.realadvent.co.uk or by calling: 01948831043.

For Prayer and reflection

CAFOD: Cancelling Developing Countries debt. CAFOD is urging campaigners to put pressure on G20 governments to compel private creditors to cancel debts that developing countries owe them. Almost half of foreign debt of low and lower -middle income countries is owed to private creditors, which include corporations like HSBC and Goldman Sachs. Dario Kenner, CAFOD’s sustainable Economic Development Analyst said: “Private creditors are profiteering off the backs of the world’s poorest people. Any debt relief that developing countries might receive from donor governments is only snatched away again by private creditors who continue to demand repayments”

United States of America. Prayer for the United States presidential election, November 3rd 2020

Covid-19 Tier 3 restrictions. Prayer for all those affected by the most severe restrictions of Covid-19

Emergency Funding for Falmouth. Falmouth is to get emergency funding from government grants to Cornwall County Council for those who are homeless. However, those on our streets are being provided with ‘pods’ only, as the night shelters are still not running. With winter approaching, ‘pods’ are little protection in severe weather conditions

Princess Pavilion. Prayer needed regarding the future of one of Falmouth’s cultural centres. The Princess Pavilion and its restaurant has been closed throughout lockdown and its future is in jeopardy.

Prayer for courage by Pádraig Ó Tuama, from Daily Prayer with the Corrymeela Community. 

A prayer to help us keep on keeping on …

Courage comes from the heart
and we are always welcomed by God,
the Croí * of all being.

We bear witness to our faith,
knowing that we are called
to live lives of courage,
love and reconciliation
in the ordinary and extraordinary
moments of each day.

We bear witness, too, to our failures
and our complicity in the fractures of our world.

May we be courageous today.
May we learn today.
May we love today.

The Irish word Croí  (pronounced ‘Cree’) means ‘heart’ and is the name for the chapel space in Corrymeela.

from Revd Jane Horton

21 Oct 20

a prayer for Anti-Slavery Day from Truro Diocese. To find out more about modern slavery and what you can do to help, check out our new Toolkit:

Good News this week

  • How to find joy (even in 2020) source
  • Ikea embraced circular economics with the launch of its ‘buy back’ scheme source
  • Mass extinction could be prevented by rewilding, a report found source
  • UK supermarkets ditch Christmas glitter source

Matters of Primary Concern this week for reflection and prayer

  • Effects of coronavirus: Pray that we might bring peace and joy to those who are depressed, fearful, worried and suffering  due to the effects of Covid19 by praying, listening, keeping in touch, and thoughtful acts of kindness, especially for those living on their own
  • Cancel the Debt campaign: pray that the government will  work with other governments to Cancel the Debt of poor countries at this time. A large proportion, even 50% of their GNP is taken up in debt repayments, money that is needed to bring good infrastructures, health care and food security for their peoples.
  • Domestic abuse: Strained relationships, exacerbated by the Corona virus and falling incomes  have led to a rise in domestic abuse cases, so much so that many of the women who have fled their homes found refuges were too full to take them in.
  • Immigrants and asylum seekers: pray for all those who have no security in life at present
  • Persecution: this week we pray for persecuted Christians in Pakistan, where religious intolerance is widespread, religious minorities are being targeted with hate speech and blasphemy, and children face discrimination at school. Hindu and Christian girls are being abducted, forcibly converted and married.

14 Oct 20

from Christians Against Poverty

Good News this week

  • Cornwall campaign group The Final Straw celebrated a victory this week, after a ban on single use plastic stirrers, straws and cotton buds. sourceread more
  • Fourlanesend Community  Primary School in Torpoint have persuaded the charity Children in Need to stop using plastic noses for Red Nose Day sourceread more
  • Northern England is to lead a transport revolution as a global centre for developing hydrogen powered trains. The first hydrogen transport hub is to open in the Tees Valley, accelerating Britain’s ambition for low carbon commuting sourceread more

Matters of Primary Concern this week for reflection and prayer

  • The Covid19 pandemic. So many individuals, communities and countries have been affected in so may ways.
  • Our local foodbanks. Centres have now opened in Constantine and Stithians. We pray for those who suffer the indignity of not being able to feed themselves or their families. May they continued to be welcomed, listened to, supported and fed by our local Foodbank. We pray for the dedicated staff and  volunteers. May we be generous in donating items of food when we visit the local supermarkets. Most now  collect food for the foodbanks.
  • A Report from the World Bank this week on Global Extreme Poverty highlights a marked increase in global Extreme Poverty rates this year, due to the major challenges  faced by the poorest people in Africa and Asia due to  Covid-19.
  • Climate change and natural  disasters  
  • The escalation of the war between Azerbaijan and Armenia. May we pray for successful peace talks and for all those on both sides caught up in this major conflict.

Any comments or items for inclusion may be sent to Mary Bradley  mary@corisande.plus.com

07 Oct 20

A prayer for Homeless Sunday – 11 October

Heavenly Father – Thank you for who you are and for giving us hope. Also, we thank you for everyone who is here commemorating Homeless Sunday, but help us not to forget that people are homeless every day across our nation.

We pray for those sleeping under bridges, on park benches, in doorways or bus stations.

For those who can only find shelter for the night but must wander in the daytime.

For families broken because they could not afford to pay the rent.

For those who have no relatives or friends who can take them in.

For those who have no place to keep possessions.

For those who are afraid and feel hopeless.

For all people affected by homelessness, we pray that you will help us to provide shelter, security, comfort and hope.

Jesus, help us to see your face in the eyes of every homeless person we meet so that we may be empowered through word and deed, and through all the means we have, to bring justice and peace in their time of need. Stir our hearts to move more deeply in our walk with you, so that we can be active to share your love with our neighbours and the community.

In Jesus name we pray, Amen.

(from Housing Justice)

a prayer from Truro Diocese on the occasion of World Teachers’ Day, 5 October

30 Sep 20

The FPCT Justice and Peace Action Group reflects, prays and takes appropriate action on matters pertaining to issues of Justice and Peace on behalf of the FPCT Forum.  We also have for the last few years met monthly to pray for our Christian Brothers and Sisters persecuted in so many countries of the world.

We would like to invite you to share and support the work of the group and so will be having a brief slot in the CTC Weekly News each week.

We also like to share the good news , especially now when most of what is broadcast is depressing, violent or unsettling.

  • This week we thank God for the Good News that the churches’ voice is now being heard in secular organisations across Cornwall and many have ecumenical representatives who are appreciated, welcomed and listened to.
  • We ask you to pray especially for Christians in China whose churches have been demolished or repurposed and symbols of faith removed.
  • We pray for a speedy appointment of a new Prime Minister’s Special Envoy for Freedom of Religion or Belief, following the resignation of the previous envoy, Rehman Chishti MP.

Any comments or items for inclusion may be sent to Mary Bradley  mary@corisande.plus.com

a prayer from the Diocese of Truro

Vacancy: Director of St Mellitus College, South West : Closing Date 14 Dec

Closing date for applications: 12:00am on 9th December 2020

Interview date: week commencing 14th December 2020 via Zoom

This important leadership role works closely with the Dean to ensure the flourishing of the South West teaching centre and community within the national St Mellitus College.

The Director will be responsible for the delivery of the day-to day full-time training at the SW centre in liaison with the national staff team, as well as holding a particular duty of care for the staff and students of the centre.

The Director also works with the Dean and local diocesan partners in the strategic development of the centre and how it best serves the ministry and mission in the local region and national Church. The holder of this post will also be engaged in the wider academic and formational life of the college, including opportunities both for teaching and assessment of students, as well as vital pastoral work with them, in one of the most exciting theological institutions in the UK. St Mellitus College (SMC) was formed in 2007 with a spirit of partnership and has grown to become one of the largest theological training colleges in the UK, operating as a national training college with delivery centres across the country.

We are passionate about seeing women and men equipped and released into the calling of God upon their lives. We offer theological education, formation and training set in the context of prayer and worship. We seek to provide training that is vibrant, innovative, and rigorous, both full-time and part-time, at introductory, undergraduate and postgraduate levels for leadership in church and all spheres of society. The Director of St Mellitus College, South West is ultimately responsible to the Dean of SMC. The office is located at the teaching centre in Plymouth.

If you are interested in this post, please email the Dean at email  by:
12pm Wednesday 9th December 2020
Please send in:
a. A full Curriculum Vitae
b. A brief letter outlining your reasons for applying for this post, and what you believe you could
offer St Mellitus College in this role
Interviews will be on the week commencing 14th December 2020 via Zoom

For more information please click here

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A vision for the Church of England in the 2020s

Discerning the vision and strategy for the Church of England in the 2020s.

At the end of 2019, the Archbishop of York was asked by the House of Bishops to lead a process to create a vision and strategy for the Church of England for the next ten years. This vision and strategy aims for a reappraisal of how we live and bear the light of Christ to the world through the church. It is part of the wider Emerging Church of England body of work.

This vision has emerged through consultations over the last six months with hundreds of people who reflect the breadth and diversity of the Church of England. This included a listening exercise with 170 children and young people.

The picture below illustrates the shape of the vision and its strategic priorities from the period of consultation. The vision encapsulates the Church of England’s calling to be a Christ-centred and Jesus-shaped church that is simpler, humbler, and bolder. It identifies three strategic priorities for the Church around being a church of missionary disciples, a church where the mixed ecology of many forms of church are the norm, and a church which is younger and more diverse.

Read the commentary from the Archbishop of York that accompanies this illustration.

A vision for the Church of England in the 2020s.

The result is a vision with Jesus Christ at the centre that can be shared by the thousands of parishes, chaplaincies, schools, church plants, religious communities, fresh expressions, mission initiatives, messy churches, food banks and refugee ministries. How it is lived out, through their mission and ministry, will be up to these local communities to develop as they engage with the vision and strategy work.

A fuller explanation is available in the Archbishop of York’s commentary that accompanies the picture. There is also a theological reflection on our emerging vision and priorities by the Bishop of Oxford, Stephen Croft.


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Church of England Coronavirus (COVID-19) guidance for churches: Updated 23 Nov

Monday 23 November

Following the publication of the Government’s Covid-19 Winter Plan, including permission for the resumption of public worship, we are awaiting the publication of detailed guidance after which we will update our advice.

Read a statement from the Bishop of London

Thursday 12 November at 16:29

New FAQs:

  • Can I still undertake pastoral visiting under the new restrictions? in the Community support section

Monday 09 November at 13.17

  • Q&A which are not applicable during second lockdown have been removed
  • All documents have been left live for reference, but please note that advice contained within may not be relevant during lockdown. We have marked individual documents which contain guidance which is not relevant during lockdown.

Last updated Friday 06 November at 13:05

New Documents:

New FAQs:

  • What youth and children’s activities can take place during the new national lockdown? in the Schools, nurseries and youth provision section

Updated FAQs:

  • Can we still hold a Remembrance Sunday service? in the Prayer and worship section

Last updated Tuesday 03 November at 14:12

Updated FAQs:

  • Can we still hold a remembrance Sunday service? in the Prayer and worship section

Last updated Saturday 31 October at 19:50

Please read our latest statement in response to the Government announcement of a second lockdown in England. 

Visit the Government website for the most recent updates.

Last updated Monday 19 October at 14:21

Updated Documents:

Last updated Friday 16 October at 16:40

Since Wednesday 14 October, a new three-tier risk alert system for COVID-19 has been in place in England. View our at-a-glance guide to the restrictions for churches. We will study Government detailed Government guidance when it is available and amend our advice as necessary.

New FAQs:

  • Who can attend a wedding? in the Life events section
  • What should I do if a member of my congregation tests positive for COVID-19? in the General section

Updated Documents:

Last updated Tuesday 13 October at 11:40

Following the announcement on Monday October 12 of a new three-tier risk alert system for COVID-19, we understand that Places of Worship can remain open at all Tiers – although at the ‘high’ and ‘very high’ Tiers there should be no mixing between households.

This recognises the important role churches and other places of worship continue to play in serving their communities and providing vital comfort and support to people amid very difficult times.

However, we fully appreciate the scale of the threat from COVID-19 and recognise the vigilance that places of worship will need to continue to practice in order to minimise the possibility of spread of the virus.

We will study Government detailed Government guidance when it is available and amend our advice as necessary.

Last updated Friday 25 September at 16:00

New FAQs:

  • Can we still hold a Remembrance Sunday service? in the Prayer and worship section
  • Can confirmations still go ahead? in the Life events section

Updated FAQs:

  • Can funerals still go ahead? in the Life events section 
  • Can weddings still go ahead? in the Life events section 
  • Can baptisms still go ahead? in the Life events section
  • Can ordinations still go ahead? in the Life events section

Updated Documents:

Last updated Tuesday September 22 at 14.25

Following the announcement by the Prime Minister of new measures to limit the spread of coronavirus, the Church of England is continuing to engage with Government departments to review advice to churches. 

The Prime Minister emphasised that we can draw comfort from the fact that places of worship as well as schools and businesses are staying open.

We note the change from a maximum of 30 attending weddings to a maximum of 15 from Monday September 28 and will study any detailed documents when they are available and amend advice to churches accordingly.

We anticipate further updates in the next few days with further additions to the FAQs and we also continue to review the downloadable guidance papers which will be updated accordingly. All updates will be notified at the top of this page.

Last updated Tuesday September 15 at 13:45

The Government has issued an updated version of its guidance for the safe use of places of worship during the pandemic in light of the new ‘rule of six’ regulations.

The Church of England is continuing to engage with the Government. All of the advice below is being reviewed.  Updates and amendments will be highlighted at the top of this page as they are made.

Last updated Wednesday 09 September at 10:42

Following indications that the number of people permitted to take part in a social gathering is to be reduced from 30 to six in England, we understand the new regulations will not apply to public worship or individual prayer in church buildings. Read our short statement.

Last updated Thursday 03 September at 12:05

  • Updated FAQ Should we still deliver printed communication? in General section

Last updated Tuesday 25 August at 9:10

  • Updated FAQ Can church bells be rung? in Prayer and worship section

Last updated Thursday 20 August at 9:20

Monday 17 August at 14:32

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