Archbishop of Canterbury and Bishop of Durham urge Government to expand free school meals to avoid “harrowing” Christmas for thousands

1 Oct 2020

  • Trussell Trust predict 46,000 food parcels will be needed this autumn, with 670,00 set to become destitute by the end of the year
  • Archbishop Justin Welby and Bishop Paul Butler urge Government to fund schools to meet “basic needs” of vulnerable children
  • They call for extended free school meals, holiday meal provision and a ‘Nature Premium’ to support children’s physical and mental health
  • “Vital” for the most disadvantaged children that schools remain open, say the pair

The Archbishop of Canterbury and the Bishop of Durham have urged the Government to extend free school meals as they highlight the “harrowing” number of families who could be destitute by Christmas.

Writing in TES today, Archbishop Justin Welby and Bishop Paul Butler called on the Government to provide free school meals to every child whose family is on universal credit, andexpand holiday provision to all children on free school meals.

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