120,000 people visited a Warm Welcome Space every week in winter 2023-24

12 June 2024

New impact and polling data for the Warm Welcome Campaign, which launched in 2022 in response to the cost-of-living crisis, shows that more than 120,000 people across the UK visited a Warm Welcome Space every week over the last winter. And Warm Welcome Spaces hosted more than 2 million visits. 

‍The Campaign resources, connects and champions a growing network of more than 4,000 Warm Welcome Spaces, including libraries, community centres, faith-based spaces, cafes, sports centres, businesses, museums and other community spaces. Warm Welcome Spaces are free, safe and welcoming spaces open to all, especially those experiencing loneliness or struggling with the cost-of-living crisis.

‍The report details the impact of the Warm Welcome Campaign over its second year of existence.

‍·       2 million+ people visited a Warm Welcome Space during the winter of 2023-24.

·       87% of Warm Welcome Space guests said coming to the space had improved their mental health.

·       84% said coming to a Warm Welcome Space helped them have a stronger sense of belonging to their local community.

·       5% of the UK population report using a warm space.

·       62% of the UK population live within a 30-minute walk of a warm space.

‍ Read the full report here: https://www.warmwelcome.uk/impact-report

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