Young Voices Better Future-Climate Action Cornwall

It’s young people’s future – let’s hear from them!  

Let’s support them to take action and achieve positive changes.

This project will see thousands of Cornwall’s young people consulted about what the climate means to them, their family, friends and communities.

Already young people are saying what they think, sharing their ideas, talking about what matters most to them about the climate and the actions they want to see.  We want to ensure this opportunity reaches everyone aged 11-18 across Cornwall. 

The aim is to reach 20,000 young people across Cornwall, with over 40 eco-groups taking action and creating changes such as:

  • moving their school to renewable energy, learning about reduced costs & efficiency
  • promoting low carbon choices and reducing emissions
  • learning to grow food in their school grounds, taking skills & food home to share
  • repurposing materials in new and creative ways 
  • developing community resilience and flexible strength for the future

RJ Working is supporting this massive consultation and call to action and crucially we plan to resource the young people to turn their thoughts, ideas and feelings into action, supporting them to influence and drive change in their communities.

We are looking to run a structured questionnaire which engages young people aged 11-18 in climate issues: helps them identify the changes they want to see and the action they want to take, through a unique analysis for each school/college.   Already, we have consulted over 2,000 young people in Redruth, Helston and Penzance and we are working with early-stage ‘eco-groups’ in their schools – we want to support eco-groups in every school and college, developing youth teamwork and leadership in response to the climate crisis.

We are aiming to raise £7000 through our Crowdfunder campaign which Cornwall council have agreed to match funding of 50% which is incredibly generous of them.

Young people’s love of nature is inspiring them and giving them hope;  we are hoping your own love of nature will lead you to support this project.   We will be thanking you for your donations with nature-inspired artworks and other rewards.

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