YCCN Climate Change Pilgrimage: Volunteers needed

The Young Christian Climate Network (YCCN) are organising a pilgrimage relay walk from the G7 summit to COP26 to draw attention to their concerns about climate change – see www.yccn.uk.

They are still short of volunteers in the Cornwall region for the following:

More walkers are always a bonus! See https://www.yccn.uk/volunteer/walker

Local church communities are encouraged to arrange events/services to link in with the pilgrimage relay – see https://www.yccn.uk/volunteer/meet-and-greet

There is comprehensive information about the route, the requirements of different volunteering roles, sign-up details etc on www.yccn.uk

This event is organised and led by young people (aged 18-30) but people of all ages, faiths, abilities are invited to join in fully with the pilgrimage.

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