World Compassion Champions needed

to support persecuted Christians

Become a Champion!
Inform : Pray : Action

Imagine feeling like you live on an island – cut off from other Christians around the world. Your friends persecuted, tortured, and killed for their faith in Jesus. Imagine your pastor threatened, your church raided by police and Bibles made illegal.
If you could do something to help Christians facing these risks, would you act now?
World Compassion is looking for Champions to stand with Christians in hostile nations. You can provide a Christian in Iran with a Bible, train a pastor in China, help Christians in Iraq, disciple a Christian in Myanmar or build a church in Cuba.
As a Champion, you can:

• Mobilise your church to Pray
• Organise events to raise awareness and funds
• Give directly either as an individual or a church
• Share regular news with your church about how they have helped Christians in hostile nations

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