Why Social Action Mapping is so useful

Local governments and health authorities across England are being empowered by understanding where and what church-based social action services are being delivered in their towns and cities.

Social action mapping builds a database of all churches across an area to conduct a telephone survey and capture social action activity delivered by churches and Christian organisations concerning food provision, mental health, supporting families and homelessness.

Gather Movement are able to provide training, data analysis and presentation of the data using a geographical information system (aka a map!).

The social action mapping process enables informed conversations to coordinate strategies and cross sector collaboration by providing a visualisation of church based community services. Impact of services can then be maximised and duplication and gaps in community provision can be addressed.

Health and civic authorities are increasingly adopting a Systems Leadership approach, collaborating with many organisations across multiple sectors and social action mapping is particularly powerful in this context. Functioning church unity networks are enabling civic and health authorities to engage in conversations about collaboration on strategy and delivery of services through local churches to support communities practically and with wrap around support of Christian community.

To find out more, contact: markcowling@gathermovement.org

This mapping approach has come out of conversations with civic and health authorities and church unity groups. We provide this service at cost, as a vehicle to maximise potential relationships between civic, health and unity groups. 

“It has been invaluable to work with Gather Movement to map where and what church-based social action services are being delivered across Oldham local authority.” 

Paula Healey (Head of Early Years Oldham Council)

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