What do you want to see in a General Election manifesto?


The Joint Public Issues Team helps our Churches to work together for peace and justice through listening, learning, praying, speaking and acting on public policy issues. Our work is focused around six hopes for society. These suggestions for manifestos arise from this policy work.

How are party manifestos set?

All political parties have different processes when deciding a manifesto. Some involve consultation with party members or MPs and others are determined by the leader’s office. These will all be decided in the coming few months in preparation for the General Election. 

Why should you get involved?

All political parties are keen to ground their manifesto points in public opinion. If they want to receive your vote, they need to be willing to listen. It’s always easier to change the political agenda before the party manifestos have been written, than influence a Government once it has been elected. It’s always easier to say ‘you promised to do this’ than ‘please promise to do this’! 

What can you do?

As an individual:

Think about what you want to see in an election manifesto. You can see our suggestions using the button below. If any of these jump out at you as something you would like to vote for, share this with either your local MP or political group, or use the contact details listed below.

As a church group:

Why not get together, decide on a pledge (or a few) that you want to see in a manifesto and reach out collectively either through your local MP or by reaching out to some of the contacts below.

(Only parties with over 5 MPs in the UK Parliament are listed here. You are welcome and encouraged to contact other parties too.)

Suggestions for a General Election manifesto


We recorded some special episodes of our ‘Ten Minutes on’ podcast, focused on our suggestions for a hopeful manifesto. You can listen by selecting one of the titles here.

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