WCC member churches head to COP27, ready to push for a just, sustainable global community

A World Council of Churches (WCC) delegation comprised of representatives from WCC member churches and partner organizations is headed to the COP27 climate change summit in Egypt to lift up voices, experiences, and perspectives of those most affected.

03 November 2022

As COP27 seeks to further enhance the scope of deliverables across the climate action agenda, the WCC will lead the ecumenical movement in strengthening collective calls for climate action and justice.

In September 2022, the WCC 11th Assembly published a statement, “The Living Planet: seeking a just and sustainable global community,” that raises an increasingly urgent voice of concern and demand for action to address the climate emergency and environmental degradation that particularly impact the lives of vulnerable communities, as well as young and Indigenous people.

While attending COP27, the WCC will raise its prophetic voice and bring to light good practices and strong testimonies from voices of the ecumenical fellowship.

The WCC delegation will also add spiritual dimensions and underline the need for both scientific and religious aspects to cope with climate change and promote climate justice.

As The Living Planet statement notes, we are all interdependent in God’s whole creation. “The climate emergency is an ethical, moral and spiritual crisis, manifested in a fixation on profit,” the statement notes. “The extractive and, ultimately, unsustainable systems of production and consumption, by those complicit in this crisis, continue to ignore increasing scientific, and moral warnings.”

Among other messages, the WCC delegation will voice that a just transition to renewable energy sources must be expedited. “Use of existing fossil fuel sources must be phased out without further delay,” notes the statement. “The voices, experiences and perspectives of those most affected and most vulnerable groups, such as children, youth, people with disabilities, women, Indigenous Peoples, smallholder farmers, and poor and marginalised communities must be lifted up and amplified in all negotiations on climate change and environmental sustainability.”

The Living Planet: Seeking a Just and Sustainable Global Community

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