WCC invites global fellowship to mark 75th anniversary

Focusing on promoting understanding and cooperation among Christians worldwide, the WCC is marking the anniversary as a stepping stone toward the future, representing an an opportunity to share what the WCC offers spiritually as an organization for future generations.

The global fellowship is offering an opportunity to contribute a “birthday gift” to keep the momentum of the powerful experience of the WCC 11th Assembly in 2022.

Younger generations will be celebrating with their own special messages, and the WCC also hopes to raise awareness of current challenges and key examples of past activities that speak to the present challenges.

Anniversary commemorations—which will take place throughout the rest of 2023—will also inspire member churches and the wider fellowship to share their perspective about the ecumenical journey.

As the WCC’s activities become visible to member churches, partners, and the wider public, the 75th anniversary will ultimately raise the profile of the WCC.

The WCC will ensure member churches are kept informed about the 75th anniversary—through accessible and diverse material online—so that they can find inspiring ways to join the celebration.

Who is celebrating? From WCC member churches and partners; to church, ecumenical,  and interfaith youth groups; to church and secular media, all are invited to journey together for this full and deep expression of unity.

In the larger picture, the 75th anniversary commemoration will help the world see the WCC as a platform that brings Christians together even in very difficult times, helping Christians in different situations to see the world from the perspective of others, to show compassion for one another, and to build trust as a vital part of the ecumenical journey.

WCC member churches worldwide will draw inspiration for strengthening the fellowship, spiritual life, youth engagement, interreligious dialogue and cooperation, promoting care for God’s creation, wellness and wellbeing, combatting racism, and building a just community of women and men.

World Council of Churches celebrates 75 years, to dance, song, evoking special memories (WCC news release, 26 June 2023)

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