Wave of Hope : Add your Hand Today!


Cornwall will be hosting the G7 in June and we would like the churches of Devon & Cornwall to send a strong message to these world leaders, urging a response to the Climate Emergency.

We would like to start a ‘Wave of Hope’ across the Southwest and ask all churches to order their Tool Kit  here : https://www.christianaid.org.uk/get-involved/campaigns/wave-hope and make HANDS ready to put in displays outside your church in the fortnight ahead of the G7. Why not tell your churches about the Wave of Hope in Christian Aid Week and ask them to make their hands by the end of the month (31st May). The hands can then be displayed outside each church and we can send in photos to the local press, along with a press release prepared by Christian Aid.

Please email Katrine Musgrave on kmusgrave@christian-aid.org  to say you are happy to be part of the Wave of Hope and make a display of hands at your church. Better still – choose ONE OF YOUR HANDS (Max A4 in size; brightly coloured; WEATHER RESISTANT – fabric or recycled materials) and write your name and church/chapel on the back; and send it to Rev’d Etienne van Blerk at The Vicarage, Porthrepta Road, Carbis Bay TR26 2LD. These hands, representing the churches of Devon & Cornwall,  will then be added to a Wave of Hope display on St Anta church in Carbis Bay, for all G7 delegates to witness, several times a day!

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