Walking with Micah: recording of talk given by Gordon Brown

In the face of Covid-19, the climate emergency and global inequality, where are justice and hope to be found? Former Prime Minister Gordon Brown argues that change is possible and that people of faith have a role to play. 

Walking With Micah

What does it mean for the Methodist Church to be a justice-seeking church? 

We live at a time of huge change when domestic and global injustices are being revealed and intensified. How can our world be renewed so that all God’s creation, people and planet, can flourish? 

Our Calling as Methodists means we long for God’s justice in the world. Around the globe and in their own local communities, Methodists are working for justice through responding to needs and campaigning for change.  

The prophet Micah reminded people that the worship God wants is for us to act justly, to love as God loves, and to walk humbly with God. Justice-seeking has always been integral to our relationship with God.

The Walking with Micah: Methodist Principles for Social Justice project will help the Methodist Church in Britain to focus on our principles and priorities for justice and through that increase our ability to seek God’s justice, as a Church and in our own Christian lives.

This two-year project will involve

  • Drawing on our Methodist heritage of challenging injustice and learning from the insights and challenges of others within and beyond the Christian faith.
  • Consulting widely within the Methodist Church and listening to what matters to Methodist people at this time.
  • Working with others to resource individuals, churches and leaders, to speak and act for justice both individually and in the name of the Methodist Church in Britain.

For more information, please contact Rachel Lampard

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