Twin lambs born during lambing service

January 27, 2022

A service of thanksgiving for the birth of new lambs in Trelawny Benefice proved more eventful than expected on Sunday when twin lambs were born during the actual service.

Over 40 children and 80 adults gathered at Frogmore Farm near Polruan to take part in the service led by Revd Richard Allen and have the chance to meet the animals.

It was the first time Revd Richard and the benefice had attempted such a service and it proved a huge success.

Revd Richard said: “We had a crowd gathered in the lambing shed to give thanks for the birth of new lambs and to celebrate all that is good about Cornish farming. During the service we had the privilege of actually watching the birth of twin lambs! It was fascinating for the congregation and we got to meet other new born lambs and their mums as well as the opportunity to visit the ‘hospital’ where those who need a helping hand stay including the mum of triplets!”

The Good Shepherd

During the service, Revd Richard preached on Jesus as a Good shepherd actually from a sheep pen showing the congregation as to how the shepherd would have acted as a gate and Jesus being our gateway to God. He showed them a shepherd’s crook and how sheep followed the shepherd and fed the sheep. He fed the sheep their nutrient pellets explaining how Jesus leads us and feeds us spiritually as well as protects us demonstrating how the crook could help troubled sheep! The children also had great fun in acting out the Lost Sheep bleating and baaing far louder that the sheep did which characterised the service.

There were also opportunities to meet other animals including a giant bull and a number of newly born calves and even pet pigs. The day was rounded off with a special glass of Cornish farm cider for Revd Richard and his wife Harriet!

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