Truro College Eco Council Pledges to Save the Planet


Members of Truro College Eco Council have been working together this term to produce a series of environmental pledges aimed specifically at their fellow students, encouraging them to make a series of small lifestyle changes that will have a big impact on the planet.

The idea for the campaign was initially thought of by the Council’s leader Revd Elly Sheard and IB Diploma student Thomas, who both felt there was a gap for a climate change campaign that was specifically aimed at students.

To get the ball rolling, Elly and Thomas produced a questionnaire about the environment which they circulated to students and staff at the College, allowing them to gauge an understanding and awareness of people’s interest in environmental concerns.

As well as providing them with lots of insightful information, the questionnaire also had other benefits for the council group. Thomas shared: “The questionnaire has been great in also helping us to gain awareness for the Eco Council at the College. Students who are passionate about the environment have been really keen to get involved which is fantastic.” 

After weeks of hard work, the Eco Council have created 10 pledges that feature different environmentally friendly lifestyle changes students can incorporate into their daily lives. Some examples include switching off the lights when you leave a room, recycling and picking up your litter. 

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