Truro: Christians Against Poverty

CAP run a number of different services through local Churches in Truro, all of which are FREE.

  • CAP Money
  • CAP Debt Help
  • CAP Job Clubs
  • CAP Release Groups

CAP can be contacted directly on 01274 760720 and 0800 3280006
(They will happily call you back if you ask)

CAP Debt Help

If you are feeling weighed down by debt, then CAP can help.

You may think your situation is impossible, but there is hope.

CAP’s friendly team will give you a listening ear in the privacy of your own home and provide a real solution to your debts.

CAP Debt Help is run locally by St Kea Church, Truro

The service offered and materials provided are completely FREE.

CLICK HERE to visit St Kea’s website

CLICK HERE to visit CAPs Debt Help website.

CAP Money Course

CAP Money is a simple, yet highly effective money management course that teaches people, from all walks of life, both budgeting skills and a cash-based system of handling their personal finance that really works. This course will help anyone to get more control and make the most of their finances, save, give and prevent debt.

Truro Baptist Church has partnered with Christians Against Poverty to offer CAP Money courses in our community.
The service we offer and the materials we provide are completely FREE.

For more information on the CAP Money Course please contact the church office.

CLICK HERE to visit CAP’s Money Course website.

CAP Job Club

Your local CAP Job Club is a friendly place where you will get practical help as you seek employment. It’s a relaxed environment with the chance to meet other jobseekers, get support and gain the tools you need to find work.

Being unemployed can be hard to deal with on your own, but being part of one of our 156 CAP Job Clubs means you face the challenge with other people in similar situations. 25% of job club attendees now find work!

This CAP Job Club is run Locally by Grace Church, Truro

The service offered and materials provided are completely FREE.

CAP Job Club Coach: Matt Leach

CLICK HERE to visits CAPs Job Club website.

CAP Fresh Start

Is there something in your life that you just can’t stop doing even though you want to? Maybe it’s smoking, binge drinking, gambling or an Internet addiction? Do you feel like it’s just too hard to tackle it on your own?

If you would like help to break free, then a CAP Fresh Start is for you.

Whatever it is you are struggling with, our groups provide a safe and confidential place where you can tackle the issue right at the core to break free and stay free.

The service offered and materials provided are completely FREE.

CLICK HERE to visit CAPs Fresh Start website for information and links to groups run locally.

Opening hours
9:30am–5:00pm, Monday–Thursday, 9:30am-3:30pm Fridaye
Social media
Facebook, Twitter
Who may use the service?
Anyone in poverty
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