Treasure discovered during lockdown


August 11, 2020

By Jac Smith, Truro Diocese

As Revd Canon Vanda Perret says in one of her recent blogs, one constant throughout the history of church life and the way people worship, is that it is always changing. Perhaps not quite as radically or as quickly as it has changed during these Covid dominated months, but change is woven into the fabric of worship. Another constant, of course, is God. He hasn’t changed, He hasn’t left us and as Vanda says of the current re-opening of churches, “When we gather to worship together God will be with us in the same way God is with us as we worship at home, on the internet, on the TV and radio.”

What to keep from lockdown and what to let go of?

So, what can we learn from these changes? What will we keep, and what will we let go of?

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