The World Blessing 2022


Since the beginning of the pandemic we are inundated by news of conflict, polarization, hatred, blaming and divisions, giving the impression that darkness is prevailing everywhere. But many things that are happening are not in the news. God is using all this shaking to deeply touch millions of lives all around the world, attracting us closer to Him, choosing forgiveness in Him instead of hatred, blessing in Him instead of cursing, coming together through Him instead of growing ever more distant in bitterness.

The amazing global movement that spontaneously arose from “the Blessing” song provides us with a window into this miracle of real hope and love. Kari Jobe and her team received this song from the Lord on the day the first known death of COVID occurred in the United States. No-one imagined what was ahead. She says in an interview a few months later that they had never dreamed that within weeks this song would be sung all over the locked-down world, in dozens of languages, then in hundreds… so many different nations, colors, cultures, styles, situations, but the same unmistakable joy in hope! No organization or individual has been seen trying to orchestrate this movement. That makes it all the more encouraging and powerful.

A very special word in this Blessing song is “Amen”. There are so many “Amen’s” that in some countries it is known as “the Amen Song”!

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