The Role of Fairtrade in the Future of Farming

Here at the Fairtrade Foundation, we’ve been giving some thought to what the future might hold where farming our food is concerned. The world has a lot on its plate when it comes to food. What and how we eat has changed drastically in recent years. Hunger and obesity are widespread. The climate emergency is already having grave consequences for farming communities. In fact, a ‘perfect storm’ of change is coming to our food system, says Kath Dalmeny, Chief Executive of non-profit Sustain. ‘Evidence is now stark of the causal link between food production, land-use change, greenhouse gas emissions and precipitous loss of nature, undermining the very ability of our species to eat well and pursue social progress.’ Given UN estimates that the global population could rise by 2 billion to 9.7 billion by the time we hit 2050, how will we sustainably feed that many people?  

Click the Read More button to see our full report, which covers:

  • Is it too late to keep growing?
  • A warming planet could leave coffee farmers out in the cold
  • There’s no future in farming against nature
  • We need to get in touch with the wild relatives  for the sake of food security
  • Agricultural technology is on the rise
  • The playing field will need levelling for men and women
  • Farmers need a decent income if food is to be truly sustainable
  • Looking to the future
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