The Nones: Who are they and what do they believe?

Hannah Waite’s report exploring the beliefs of those who define themselves as non–religious. 24/11/2022

Around half of Britons now categorise themselves as having “No Religion”; these are colloquially known as ‘Nones’. But having no religion does not mean having no beliefs. It doesn’t even mean having no religious beliefs.

This report explores the demography, beliefs and practices of Nones and then presents a cluster analysis of this group. It shows that Nones comprise a complex and sometimes counter– intuitive group with, for example, only 51% of them stating they “don’t believe in God,” and 42% believing in some form of the supernatural.

This report demonstrates that there are three distinctive types or clusters of Nones. Each cluster displays varying degrees of belief about religion, knowledge, God and spirituality. In essence, “Campaigning Nones” are self– consciously atheistic and hostile to religion; “Tolerant Nones” are broadly atheistic but accepting of (sometimes warm towards) religion; and “Spiritual Nones”, who are characterised by a range of spiritual beliefs and practices, as much as many people who tick the “Religion” box.

Read the full report here.

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