The Methodist Church: Coronavirus Guidance for Property updated 18 Aug

Update 18 August 2020

Updates on singing & the use of wind musical instruments and the addition of  links for government guidance for Scotland & Wales 

Update 10 August 2020

Updates on the following to include the more detailed guidance on when to wear face coverings:

Updated on 30 June 2020 in light of current Government Guidelines

The Government announced that Places of Worship can open in England from 4th July with certain restrictions.  However, the decision to re-open a church needs serious consideration and a thorough understanding of what is required in terms of planning and health and safety requirements. There is no compulsion to re-open if Managing Trustees do not feel it can be done safely, or it is too soon.  As our guidance states: 

  • It needs to be well planned, both before the opening and kept under review once the building is in use.
  • Do not assume that you can immediately do things ‘as you used to do’ and accept that saying ‘no’, ‘not yet’ or ‘not like this’ can be positive decisions.

Please refer to the Opening of Churches for Worship v2 guidance for further information as well as the government guidance on Safe Use of Places of Worship

Guidance must be read in the context of where you live as devolved administrations in Scotland and Wales may have different guidelines.  If a local lockdown has been introduced, then those guidelines must be followed.  Please refer to for updated information.   

First Steps

For any activity in a church building, there are 2 assessments to take which underpin any activity. 

  1. If a church building has been closed, please refer to the Re-Opening a Building Checklist (Word) v2 or (pdf version)
  2. A Covid-19 Risk Assessment v5  (Word) or (pdf version) with an Action Plan.  This assessment will help trustees to think through what needs to be put in place in terms of social distancing, good hygiene and cleaning regimes.  The government now states that a risk assessment on Covid-19 is mandatory to comply with H&S regulations.   

Further guidance can be found on:

If you have a specific question, please contact your District Property Secretary or Property Support.  

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