The Coronation Liturgy: Called to Serve


The Liturgy will be a Christian act of worship that honours the ancient tradition of anointing and crowning Monarchs. It will also reflect the Monarch’s role, while celebrating the character of Britain as it is today and looking forward to the future with hope.

By longstanding tradition, the Archbishop of Canterbury authorises a new Liturgy for every Coronation. Commissioned by the Most Reverend and Right Honourable Justin Welby, the new Liturgy is based on ancient texts and ceremonial elements that draw on many centuries of tradition. The Liturgy is focussed on the theme of loving service to others, which is central to Christian teaching, and to the character of contemporary Monarchy. The Liturgy is accompanied by a Commentary commissioned by the Archbishop, which explains the Christian meaning and symbolism of the key elements of the service.

Read the liturgy here or download the files:

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