The 2022 RE Report Card


A review of the performance of Religious Education

We’ve graded the performance of schools, government and the subject itself in a comprehensive review of five years of data. The data comes from a variety of sources, including an Ofsted subject report, public surveys, school workforce data, freedom of information requests, and interviews with teachers and students. It is the biggest ‘state of RE’ report for five years.

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Despite a recent dip in GCSE entries, more students than ever are studying a full course RS GCSE and the subject is growing in popularity at A Level. We need to ensure students receive the high quality provision they deserve.

When it comes to time spent on RE, there is some good news, particularly in primary schools and academies without a religious character. However, in its recent research review, Ofsted identified a number of barriers to high-quality provision in schools.

Understanding different worldviews – and their own – is a key skill for young people. Research reveals this is a skill that continues to be valued in society.

We’ve heard ministers talk up the subject in Parliament. Unfortunately their words haven’t been met with action when it comes to funding.

What do we want from our campaign? There are a number of actions we want to see from the Government, school leaders and Ofsted.

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