The 12 Dais of Christmas

A playful parody with a profound message of hope, by Dai Woodbridge, Bible Society

A Playful Parody of ‘The 12 Days of Christmas’, with a Profound Message of Hope by the Bible Society
This piece is a playful 2020 take on a Christmas classic, but it also points to profound comfort – a baby born in the mess, for our mess. The very one who came to offer us a vaccine, that – if we want it – means we’ll never be socially-distanced from God.

(If your internet connection looks unstable – fear not, it may just be part of the video!)

It is available for churches to download and use: For a free download with permission to stream version, please visit

Credits… Written and performed by Dai Woolridge; Filmed by 2v Studios and Spoken-Truth; Additional images sourced from; Soundtrack – Christmas Lullaby by DnRtracks

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