‘Tears and Celebration’ – Katherine Jenkins

A poignant hymn in tribute to Elizabeth II

In response to the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, charities LICC and Bible Society have released ‘Tears and Celebration’, a new hymn featuring world-renowned mezzo-soprano Katherine Jenkins, written by Andy Flannagan with Sam Hargreaves. We’re encouraging churches to use it in their Sunday services. You can stream it from this YouTube link, or download scores, guitar chords and a backing track from the Jubilate website.

‘Tears and Celebration’ is a new hymn for the UK and Commonwealth. It is a song of remembrance, assurance, and thanksgiving, giving voice to the hearts and minds of people all over the world following the death of Her late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Released by LICC and Bible Society, it features world-renowned mezzo-soprano Katherine Jenkins, and was written by Andy Flannagan with Sam Hargreaves to the well-known tune of ‘Dim Ond Iesu’, best known as the melody to ‘Here is Love Vast as the Ocean’.

The lyrics (below) offer words to help people give thanks for the Queen’s life and faith, speak of her powerful example of discipleship, and pray each of us will be able to make a difference through Christ in the same way.

Together, they make up a powerful song that helps us mourn, and invites us to participate in God’s work in all of life as Elizabeth did.

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Song Lyrics

To the tune ‘Dim Ond Iesu/Cymraeg’ (best known for “Here is love vast as the ocean”)

We see tears and celebration,
For this life so dignified,
Bearing thanks and hearts of sadness,
To the God of death and life.
As he takes her to his promise,
Of an audience with the King,
We remember all she gave us,
Wreaths of gratitude we bring.

In these days of change and trial,
Be the rock on which we stand,
When we fear in this new season,
Hold us firmly in your hands.
May we rise to her example,
To be humble, kind and fair,
Swift to pray and slow to anger,
Choosing faith and not despair.

In the midst of coronation,
She once knelt in silent prayer,
Oil was poured in Christ’s commission,
Called to lead her people there.
May we know that same anointing,
Move in royal authority,
Then speak liberty and healing,
To a world in need of peace.

Lord forgive, when pride and envy,
Leave our nation bruised and stained,
Turn us back towards our calling,
To make your name great again.
May we rise above divisions,
Lord, our brokenness we bring,
That a more united kingdom,
Would give glory to the King.

When our days are at their dimming,
And our work on earth is done,
May we hear as does our sovereign,
‘Faithful servant, welcome home.’
May we rise with Christ to witness,
A new heav’n and earth displayed,
Ours a robe that will not tarnish,
Hers a crown that will not fade.

Alternate Verse 4 for Commonwealth:
We beheld her sure compassion,
For the last and for the least,
Straddling races, tribes and nations,
Forging bonds of family.
May this commonwealth now echo,
The wide kingdom of our King.
Reconciled through Christ who suffered,
All our stories we will bring.

Tune: Dim Ond Iesu/Cymraeg
Words: © 2022 Andy Flannagan and Sam Hargreaves
Published by: Integrity Music/churchsongs.co.uk

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