Stories needed for documentary on effects of cost-of-living and housing crises in Cornwall

Coastline Housing has been approached by Simon Reeve’s producers.  They’re doing another documentary in Cornwall and want to find people to talk to with a story to tell.  They have mentioned that they would be interested in talking to:

  • People who are struggling who the public might not normally think of as struggling, eg teachers or nurses
  • People who are at risk of losing the private rented home because of the landlord wanting to use it for holiday accommodation

Further background to filming:

Simon Reeve will be filming a one-off documentary for BBC2 in Cornwall this winter, produced by Cornwall-based production company, Beagle Media. As part of the film, we’ll be looking how the cost-of-living and housing crises will be affecting people this winter. I’m hoping that you could connect us with people who can tell us first-hand how these issues are affecting them. They could be a family living in temporary accommodation. Perhaps they are in work, yet still finding it difficult to find secure housing, or cover bills at the end of each month. Maybe they currently need help from food banks or other charities. If you know of anyone who might be interested in taking part, please do let me know. We can arrange an initial phone call (with no obligation to take part) to discuss what that could involve. 

Please contact Laura Barnes if you feel you are willing and able to be involved and can support a person to share their lived experience.

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