Stop debt ruining lives

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Debts have shot up in the pandemic but little has been done. Be part of our national survey on how debt is affecting people in the UK.

If you’re experiencing debt problems, you are not alone. 

Right now, the government is deciding what measures they’ll put in place to help us recover from the pandemic. So far little has been planned to help people in debt, despite the fact that 1 in 6 people in the UK are now heavily in debt. We know the bills aren’t going away. That’s why we have to speak up.

We’ve organised a national survey so the voices of people in debt can be heard. It’s really important that as many of us as possible who are affected by debt take part.

Anything you say will be completely confidential but we’ll use the findings to show how more and more of us are being affected by debt and what needs to change.

Take the Survey

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