St Luke’s Virtual Wellbeing Programme


Specifically-prepared resources to support clergy wellbeing during a time of Covid through reflection either individually or as a group.

The St Luke’s Virtual Wellbeing Programme is updated every Monday and all the resources will be available here for you to use as and when you need them.

Week 1 – Thoughts from a trauma informed perspective
Week 2 – Making a start on long-term recovery from a crisis
Week 3 – Self-care at a time of loss
Week 4 – Covid-19, crisis fatigue – and you
Week 5 – Prayer, wellbeing and our rootedness in God
Week 6 – Relatedness
Week 7 – Rhythms and Wellbeing
Week 8 – Meditation on Lament
Week 9 – Here be dragons
Week 10 – Creating a safe space
Week 11 – Understanding the body
Week 12 – A Christian approach to managing anxiety
Week 13 – Reflections on Transitions
Week 14 – Liminality in a time of covid
Week 15 – Easing out of Lockdown
Week 16 – Ministering to Uncertainty

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