Sing Resurrection: Easter Counter-Infection Starts to Spread


Tuesday April 7th 2020

For the first time in history since the resurrection itself, millions of the faithful will be unable to gather together to sing the great Easter hymns and songs. This coming Easter Sunday will be like no other before it. Many believers will be connecting with their churches via livestream in their own homes, but a new initiative called Sing Resurrection aims to get them out out of their houses for a few minutes…

Art courtesy of Nicholas Markell. Copyrighted.

The idea for Sing Resurrection came to David Pott from Bishop Auckland as he was driving south along the A9 in Scotland on March 18th after visiting his brothers just before lockdown. “I had been thinking about the Italians singing on their balconies, said David, “and then in a few seconds the basic idea came that Christians should be invited to step out of their front doors or into their gardens and sing Jesus Christ is Risen Today and Thine be the Glory at 10am on Easter Sunday.” He started to share the idea on March 20th and very soon the idea began to capture the imagination. Organisations including Churches Together in England, The Northumbria Community and Churches Together in Britain and Ireland agreed to support it.

Sing Resurrection is described as a counter-infection of joy and hope in the current situation in the world today – and this counter-infection is starting to spread beyond the UK & Ireland to other parts of the world too. Further information about how to participate, including lyrics and music for the hymns can be found at;

NB In line with government regulations, no gatherings are allowed in connection with Sing Resurrection.

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