Save the date for Europe’s biggest Christian gathering in May 2021

Canon Tony Dickinson, an Anglican Chaplain in Genoa, introduces the 3rd Ecumenical Kirchentag…

An Ecumenical Kirchentag is a high-profile setting for joint Christian witness.  It demonstrates – across all denominational boundaries – that what unites us in our faith is stronger and more important than what divides us.

The 3rd Ecumenical Kirchentag in Frankfurt/Main will take place from 12 to 16 May 2021. Christians from all over Germany and beyond will (Covid-19 permitting) experience and celebrate what is possible in terms of common worship, Bible studies, lectures, and discussions, many of them in English.  The last Ecumenical Kirchentag attracted more than 160,000 attendees.

A Kirchentag – or church congress – takes place every two years in Germany. They began in 1949. Traditionally these are gatherings of Protestant churches. However special Ecumenical Kirchentags took place in Berlin in 2003 and Munich in 2010. 

In my experience, the Ecumenical Kirchentag is a place where Christians talk frankly about the situation in their local churches, raise questions arising from their life together, and together seek answers, as well as exploring wider issues about creation, peace, global community, economy, power, and responsibility. If you would like to attend, delegate registration opens on 1 December 2020.

You can explore more of the programme of over 2,000 events on the 3rd Ecumenical Kirchentag website or via the Facebook page of the Kirchentag’s British Committee.

Photo: Some of the 2000-strong brass band which accompanied the congregational singing at the Closing Service of the 2nd Ecumenical Kirchentag in 2010.

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